Macrokinetic Transformation of Natural Lipids for Motor Fuels Production

Authors: Ivankin A.N., Boldyrev V.S., Zhilin Yu.N., Oliferenko G.L. , Baburina M.I., Kulikovskiy A.V.  Published: 27.09.2017
Published in issue: #5(74)/2017  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2017-5-95-108

Category: Chemistry | Chapter: Organic Chemistry  
Keywords: kinetics, alcoholysis of acylglycerols, monoalkyl ethers, motor fuel, chemical engineering

The study experimentally establishes kinetic laws of the lipid transesterification reaction by lower alkyl alcohols in the presence of catalysts. We discuss the problems of employing ethers depending on their alkyl radical for later use as motor fuel additives. We show that it is possible to sequentially transform lipid raw materials into a product at a temperature of 40...70 °C, the rates being 0.017...0.2 (mass % min)-1, when the raw material features the following percentages of main fatty acid fractions: C14:0 -- 3.6; C16:0 -- 26.8; C16:1 -- 3.5; C18:0 -- 18.1; C18:1 -- 46.2; C18:2 -- 8.1, as well as the saturated fatty acid content of 48.5 % and non-saturated fatty acid content of 51.5 %. The kinetic equations we used make it possible to describe the process of alcoholysis of animal acylglycerols by monohydroxy aliphatic alcohol. The results of our experiment lead to optimising performance metrics of monoalkyl ether synthesis processes


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