Main Editorial Kuvyrkin G.N.
Kuvyrkin G.N.

Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Prof., Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Moscow, Russian Federation

Kuvyrkin G.N.

G.N. Kuvyrkin graduated from the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School in 1970. Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Head of Applied Mathematics Department, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Member of the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Member of Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on thermal modes of machines and apparatuses, Laureate of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology. Famous expert in thermomechanics of deformable solids and thermal durability of structural members. Author of more than 250 publications, three textbooks and four monographs. Among his achievements there are original results obtained in the field of thermomechanics of continuum with internal parameters of state, the determining equations proposed for description of thermomechanical processes in composites, the methods developed for estimation of thermal-elastic properties of the inhomogeneous continuum, the formulated statements of the theory of inelastic deforming of carbon-based composites, the methods and algorithms developed for numerical solving of nonstationary problems of thermomechanics and thermal stressed state of structural members.

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