Estimation of Sensibility of a Two-Beam Multi-Way Scheme of an Interferometer for Fizeau Effect Investigation

Authors: Gladysheva T.M. Published: 10.08.2016
Published in issue: #4(67)/2016  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2016-4-88-96

Category: Physics | Chapter: Optics  
Keywords: electromagnetic radiation, Fizeau effect, laser interferometer, intensity, moving medium

The work is devoted to research of a precision laser interferometer intended to study the spatial effect of dragging of light by a rotating optical medium. The expression for calculating the intensity of the radiation on the plane of the localization of the interference picture for a two-beam multi-way scheme of the interferometer with the introduction of radiation into the butt-end surface of the optical disc have been obtained. Expressions for calculating the intensity and phases of electromagnetic waves allow to select such optical elements for the interferometer which provide the interferometer with maximal sensibility. The expression obtained side by side with the solution of wave equations for a rotating medium allowing to calculate the shift of the beam phases going through the medium constitute the basis of the mathematical model of a laser disc optical interferometer.


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