Investigation of Small-Scale Variability of Subsurface Layers of the Marine Environment at the Action of Hydrodynamic Disturbances using the Sea Brightness Photometer

Authors: Ivanov S.G., Nosov V.N., Kaledin S.B., Pliskin A.N., Pogonin V.I., Leonov S.O., Glebova T.V., Zevakin E.A. Published: 04.10.2014
Published in issue: #5(56)/2014  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: hydrodynamic disturbances, dynamics of water, sea brightness photometer (SBP), phytoplankton, chlorophyll

Nowdays using videospectral equipment placed on satellites opportunity was demonstrated to register large-scale hydrodynamic disturbances (HD) within the marine environment in the form of synoptic eddies as up to 200...300 km. However, for a number of technological problems it is necessary to have remote detection of small-scale HD, allowing to carry out researches as well as at the presence of clouds, preventing effective use of satellite-based imaging spectrometers. These tools include sea brightness photometers (SBP) placed on the ship or low-flying aircraft carrier. In this paper we investigated experimentally the possibility of registration of small-scale HD using the developed ship-based dual-channel SBP. Perform complex of works includes measurements in the pool, on the pier and in the open sea. Fan, submerged pump and a T-shaped paddle were used as generators of artificial HD in pool. HD caused by the submersible pump and data on fluctuations of SBP signals related to the availability of marine excitement with magnitude 2 points were registered on the pier. In situ marine experiments SBP signals were registered in crossing of a track small vessels (120 tons displacement) and research ship’s track (2 000 tons displacement). The obtained data suggest the possibility of using SBP for shipboard registration of small-scale HD with a spatial resolution of the order 0,5 m determined by optical schematic of SBP.


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