On Basic Equations of Electrostatics of Isotropic Dielectrics

Authors: Makarov A.M., Lunyova L.A., Makarov K.A. Published: 05.09.2013
Published in issue: #2(41)/2011  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: electrostatic field, non-conducting isotropic medium, dielectric displacement, mediumpolarizability, dielectric, connected electric charge, surface density, electric dipole moment, electrostatic potential, electric neutrality

In the context of the classical electrodynamics, the physical sense of basic notions of electrostatics of dielectrics have been analyzed, in particular, sources and physical sense of vector field D are revealed, the correct condition of electric neutrality of the finite volume of dielectric medium is formulated. Different ways of derivation of electrostatics equations for a non-conducting isotropic medium are discussed. The integral equation is deduced for a vector E of the electrostatic-field intensity. A method of obtaining integral equations is proposed for vector fields of intensity E, dielectric displacement D and medium polarizability P.