Resonance Globular Photonic Crystals Filled with Al2O3:(Cr3+) Nanoparticles

Authors: Gorelik V.S., Pudovkin A.V.  Published: 17.08.2013
Published in issue: #2(49)/2013  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: photonic crystal, chromium, ion, resonance, bandgap, group velocity, spectrum, refractive index

A problem of theoretical and experimental research of resonance globular photonic crystals is solved by example of opal matrices filled with Al2O3:(Cr3+) nanoparticles. The artificial opals with different-diameter globules (200, 290, and 340 nm) at fixed concentration of chromium ions were objects for investigations. The presence of chromium ions led to a resonance of the nanocomposite medium permittivity at a wavelength of 694.3 nm. It is found that a position of the resonance dispersion branch in the crystal under study changes depending on a diameter of the globules. In particular, the resonant level is in the bandgap of the nanocomposite photonic crystal at a globule diameter of290 nm.


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