Static Fourier Spectrometer of Visible and Near-Ultraviolet Spectrum Regions

Authors: Boiko A.Yu., Golyak Il.S., Golyak Ig.S., Dvoruk S.K., Dorovskikh A.M., Esakov A.A., Kornienko V.N., Kosenko D.V., Kochikov I.V., Morozov A.N., Svetlichnyi S.I., Tabalin S.Ye. Published: 24.02.2014
Published in issue: #3(34)/2009  

Category: Physics  

The static Fourier spectrometer is described which is created on the basis of light-dividing cube for registering spectra in a wavelength range of 300...700 nm. Using a charged couple device as a detector allows a noticeable increase of the signal-to-noise ratio and a decrease of time necessary for registering spectra. A technique to obtain and process radiation spectra is given. Experimental results of registering spectra of luminescence and laser radiation are presented. For comparison, spectra registered by a diffraction spectrometer are used.