Application of the Kullback measure for estimation of long-term variations in voltage fluctuations on the electrolytic cell

Authors: Morozov A.N. Published: 11.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(50)/2013  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: voltage fluctuations, electrolytic cell, temperature, the Kullback measure, dispersion, correlation coefficient, amplitude spectrum

The results of processing of long-term recordings of voltage fluctuations on electrolytic cells at two independent experimental setups are given. It is shown that the correlation coefficient of values of the Kullback measures of voltage fluctuations at the zero time shifts has the statistically significant value. The insignificant negative correlation is found between recordings of the mean Kullback measures for the two setups and variations in ambient temperature. The amplitude spectrum of mean values of the Kullback measures has the statistically significant spectral line for a period of about 25 days. No correlations were noted between the values of the Kullback measures of voltage fluctuations and the temperatures of the setups, atmospheric pressure fluctuations, cosmic neutron flux, and solar activity. A conclusion is drawn on the necessity of improving the sensitivity of the setups and conducting the check measurements.


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