Modeling of Shockproof Isolation System with Viscoelastic Elements

Authors: Loktev А.А., Vershinin V.V.  Published: 08.09.2013
Published in issue: #2(45)/2012  

Category: Mechanics  
Keywords: impact interaction, shockproof isolator, Kelvin–Voigt viscoelastic element, Maxwell viscoelastic element, dynamic characteristics

A problem of the dynamic contact of a solid-body striker with a target in the form of a beam is solved taking into account a shockproof isolator installed in the contact zone between them which consists of elastic and viscous elements connected in parallel or in series in different isolator types. Dynamic characteristics of the contact interaction are determined.The contribution to values of final characteristics from the elastic and viscous isolator's parameters is estimated. The influence of the isolator's elastic and viscous characteristics on the contact force, target's sagging, and acceleration of target's points under the isolator is considered. Dependences of the dynamic characteristics and the time moments appropriate to their maximums on the isolator type are revealed.