Simulation of Erosion of Metal Connection in Accelerator of Rail Type

Authors: Galanin M.P., Lototskii A.P., Urazov S.S. Published: 29.07.2014
Published in issue: #4(15)/2004  

Category: Applied Mathematics and Methods of Mathematical Simulation  

A stage of the calculation and theory study of the electric current transfer in high-speed armature of the rail accelerator is completed. Results of the mathematical 3D-simulation have confirmed the existence of a reliable metal connection at the armature speed up to 700 m/s and made it possible to determine the start time of the armature material boiling in the connection zone. The time moment is shown to be associated to the discharge transformation to the arc process of the current transfer at speeds about 1,8 km/s. A good agreement of the numerical and experimental results allows the calculation model to be used for predicting the speed connection in the similar devices.