Peculiarities of Flame Propagation in Closed Volumes

Authors: Ivanov M.F., Kiverin A.D., Rykov Yu.V. Published: 14.10.2013
Published in issue: #1(36)/2010  

Category: Applied Mathematics and Methods of Mathematical Simulation  
Keywords: combustion, flame dynamics, hydrodynamic instability of flame, computer simulation, hydrogen-containing combustible mixtures

Based on two-dimensional equations of gas dynamics of the viscous gas taking into account the heat conduction, multicomponent diffusion and energy release at the expense of exothermic chemical reactions, the propagation of combustion of hydrogen-air and hydrogen-oxygen mixtures in closed volumes (channels) is analyzed by numerical simulation methods. The particular attention is paid to the earlier nonconsidered qualitative differences in the flame propagation depending on the specific composition of the combustible mixture. Conditions and mechanisms of creating of convex and tulip-shape forms of flames observed in experiments are described.