Real Power Loss Reduction by Enhanced Trailblazer Optimization Algorithm

Authors: Kanagasabai L. Published: 23.06.2021
Published in issue: #3(96)/2021  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2021-3-77-93

Category: Mathematics | Chapter: Computational Mathematics  
Keywords: optimal reactive power, Transmission loss, Teaching, Learning, Trailblazer

In this paper Teaching learning based Trailblazer optimization algorithm (TLBOTO) is used for solving the power loss lessening problem. Trailblazer optimization algorithm (TOA) is alienated into dual phases for exploration: trailblazer phase and adherent phase. Both phases epitomize the exploration and exploitation phase of TOA correspondingly. Nevertheless, in order to avoid the solution falling in local optimum in this paper Teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) is integrated with TOA approach. Learning segment of the TLBO algorithm is added to the adherent phase. Proposed Teaching learning based Trailblazer optimization algorithm (TLBOTO) augment exploration capability of the algorithm and upsurge the convergence speed. Algorithm's exploration competences enhanced by linking the teaching phase and learning. Exploration segment of the trailblazer algorithm identifies the zone with the pre-eminent solution. Subsequently inducing the teaching process, the trailblazer performs as a teacher to teach additional entities and engender a new-fangled entity. The new-fangled unit is equated with the trailblazer, and with reference to the greedy selection norm, the optimal one is designated as the trailblazer to endure exploration. The location of trailblazer is modernized. Legitimacy of the Teaching learning based Trailblazer optimization algorithm (TLBOTO) is substantiated in IEEE 30 bus system (with and devoid of L-index). Actual power loss lessening is reached. Proportion of actual power loss lessening is augmented


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