Thermodynamic Evaluation of Diamidophosphite Dismutation Capability

Authors: Slitikov P.V. Published: 22.11.2017
Published in issue: #6(75)/2017  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2017-6-96-102

Category: Chemistry | Chapter: Organic Chemistry  
Keywords: dismutation, diamidophenylphosphites, thermodynamic state functions, NMR-spectroscopy

This work presents the results of calculations providing the thermodynamic state functions (Δf298, Sº298) for various classes of diamidophenylphosphites, monoamidodiphenylphosphites and full amides of phosphorous acid where the amide group is presented by different secondary amides. The thermodynamic capability of dismutation of diamidophenylphosphites was evaluated according to the calculations of Gibbs energy Δr298 for the corresponding processes. The results of theoretical calculations firmly correlate with the experimental data


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