Topological Grading of Semigroup C*-Algebras

Авторы: Gumerov R.N., Lipacheva E.V. Опубликовано: 08.06.2020
Опубликовано в выпуске: #3(90)/2020  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2020-3-44-55

Раздел: Математика | Рубрика: Вещественный, комплексный и функциональный анализ  
Ключевые слова: cancellative semigroup, grading, monomial, reduced semigroup C*-algebra, topologically graded C*-algebra, σ-index

The paper deals with the abelian cancellative semigroups and the reduced semigroup C*-algebras. It is supposed that there exist epimorphisms from the semigroups onto the group of integers modulo n. For these semigroups we study the structure of the reduced semigroup C*-algebras which are also called the Toeplitz algebras. Such a C*-algebra can be defined for any non-abelian left cancellative semigroup. It is a very natural object in the category of C*-algebras because this algebra is generated by the left regular representation of a semigroup. In the paper, by a given epimorphism σ we construct the grading of a semigroup C*-algebra. To this aim the notion of the σ-index of a monomial is introduced. This notion is the main tool in the construction of the grading. We make use of the σ-index to define the linear independent closed subspaces in the semigroup C*-algebra. These subspaces constitute the C*-algebraic bundle, or the Fell bundle, over the group of integers modulo n. Moreover, it is shown that this grading of the reduced semigroup C*-algebra is topological. As a corollary, we obtain the existence of the contractive linear operators that are non-commutative analogs of the Fourier coefficients. Using these operators, we prove the result on the geometry of the underlying Banach space of the semigroup C*-algebra

The research was funded by the subsidy allocated to Mathematical Centre of Volga Federal District at Kazan Federal University for state assignment in the sphere of scientific activities (project no. 075-02-2020-1478)


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